German Hanger

If you require an open ground to be covered, German hanger is the best solution. German structure is engineered in such way that the complete structure is waterproof, fire resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The interior of the structure can be completely customized. the safest structure we have. Almost all our events are customized and well finished, and most of our clients contact us for customized, well decorated and classy structure. Some of our benchmarks projects are Baba Siddiqui Iftar party, Lakme Fashion, Times Xrbia, Safal Launch, Dosti Launch, Virat Kohli live etc.


Wedding is a one time event where making it memorable for the couple and the guests is of utmost priority. We at GECIndia make sure that the planning and execution of the event is very well structured from the basic. We offer high level designs with good quality products to our clients. In GECIndia we believe it is important to work together as a team and that has helped us to execute mega projects smoothly.


Understanding what could go wrong in a concert and working backwards ensure that everything is in place is important in doing concerts, because unlike other types on event, concert has huge volume of people walking in. GECI has complete know how of what all elements are required in a concert, plus we have many experienced production managers working with us who has plethora of knowledge in constructing concerts. Moreover we own almost every single element required to construct a concert venue.

Transparent Hanger

Our newly added inventory to the list, Transparent Hanger. If the venue is beautiful and scenic, transparent hanger provides the ideal environment of a good view and rain cover. Transparent hanger, as the name suggest is transparent from all sides, yet water proof. It provides an ideal outdoor venue tor the rains.

Venue Construction

Want a stadium at an open ground, we can construct it for you. GecIndia is one of the premier production houses in India. We specialize in planning and producing mega outdoor events, and own the inventory.
IPL, ISL, Reliance Jio, Sunburn, Pedicon, AOCR being some of noteworthy events.

Sports Events

From IPL to ISL to Standard chartered marathon, We have become specialists in sports events. From understanding the hygiene of an event in the stadium to a marathon event on road, we have the experience and team required to flawlessly execute sports event.

Project Launch

An auspicious occasion as the Launch of a project, as the first step towards the kickoff of a project. Its very important that one deals with absolute professionals in the business as there is a lot at stake. Planning and executing project launches, especially for builders and developers, is the primary business of GECI.

Sales Launch

GECI has come up with a unique concept of making customized Site Sales offices for Real Estate Developers for their New Launches & Ongoing projects. We provide an Air conditioned, water proof structure completely customized, with all the facilities of a complete functional office viz, reception, waiting area, sales area, cabins, viewing gallery, VIP lounge, work station, AV room, conference rooms, sample flat etc. The USP of our concept is that we give it out on “Rent” and maintain it for as many years as you want. We have already worked with many Developers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

Doctors Conference

Academic conference is a new arm we have extended from the core venue construction business. Having executed several mega conferences, We now specialize in understanding the needs of an Academic conference in terms of venue planning, production planning, resourcing, presentations for core team, Trade, Volunteers, Vendors etc. We function as the production arm of the committee. Some of the noteworthy events are AOCR 2018, WCNR 2018, Moscon 2016, Masicon 2018.


GECI has been into the exhibition business since past 15 years. From lay outing, to designing, to constructing the exhibition, GECI has successfully completed more than 100 projects till date. Aluminium hanger or german hanger is widely used in exhibitions, and GECI owns 2 lakh sq ft of it. Our experience, knowledge and resourcefulness in exhibitions has resulted in us being one of the market leaders in exhibition construction business.

Political Events

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Exhibition Stalls

GECI has procured 2000 sq m of exhibition stalls, used in exhibitions. It is a significant part of any Event & Exhibition. It includes Panels, Vertical, Spotlight, a fascia name board available in varied sizes. Octonorm stall is the best option for companies with a low budget at hand, new exhibitors, or smaller Exhibition, Events & Conferences. Its used widely as as easy to fabricate and consumes very less time m fabricate.