If you require an open ground to be covered, German hanger is the best solution. German structure is engineered in such way that the complete structure is waterproof, fire resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The interior of the structure can be completely customized. the safest structure we have. Almost all our events are customized and well finished, and most of our clients contact us for customized, well decorated and classy structure. Some of our benchmarks projects are Baba Siddiqui Iftar party, Lakme Fashion, Times Xrbia, Safal Launch, Dosti Launch, Virat Kohli live etc.

Baba Siddiqui Iftaar Party 2015

Baba Siddiqui Iftaar Party 2016

Baba Siddiqui Iftaar Party 2018

Dubai Festival



Times Property Xrbia

Tree Plantation Ulhasnagar

Virat Kohli Live