An auspicious occasion as the Launch of a project, as the first step towards the kickoff of a project. Its very important that one deals with absolute professionals in the business as there is a lot at stake. Planning and executing project launches, especially for builders and developers, is the primary business of GECI.

Safal Group 2017

Safal Group 2020

Bhoomi Pujan For Project Bandra

Kabra Group Bhoomi pujan (Kurla west)

Keystone Bhoomi Pujan

Radius Group

Radius Project Launch

Runwal Project Launch

Rustomjee Bhoomi Pujan(Cotton Green)

Safal Group Bhoomi Pujan 2016 (CHEMBUR)

Siddha Group

Shraddha Landmark Bhoomi Pujan Bhandup

Wadhwa Bhoomi Pujan